Who We Are:


Operating out of Shanghai, China, the SHC is Asia’s premiere amateur ice hockey league. It consists of around 150 members from nations all over the world, with the majority of players hailing from the “Big-6” hockey nations: Canada, USA, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, and Russia. However, there is a very strong contingent of Chinese and Japanese players as well – as a matter of fact, the East Asian membership bloc has grown bigger every year as ice hockey has become more and more popular in the region leading up to the 2018 and 2022 Winter Olympics.


What We Do:


We get together a few times a week for a chance to unwind and play some hockey! But more than anything else, we’re known for connecting our players to a strong community of members – both past and present – from all walks of life and every industry. Because of our long history and sprawling network, we do our utmost to reach out to local businesses and make partnerships that provide our members with discounts in exchange for favorable patronage.

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