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Week 12 Summary – 第十二周摘要!

The Crabs winning 3-2 against the Ducks finally snapped out of its 7 game loosing streak since the infamous Longstreet-Cobbett incident (aka the "Longstreak"). The win was the product of mid season draftee Taggart "Tag, I'm It" Thomson who lead the team with its first goal, followed by Backup Bob Leiske's blue line ... More

Week 11 Summary – 第十一周摘要!

Friday Ducks vs Fudogs Ducks won 6-1. Ducks 8 players and Fudogs 8-10 players. Fudogs goalie, Kevin was sick. So Pandas goalie was pinch hitter. Fudogs had A-league goalie. But.. Since several Fudogs players join previous game (Blues vs Pandas), their performance were poor. So Ducks had the possession of the ... More

Week 10 Summary – 第十周摘要!

The first game back from break matched up two teams that have been headed in opposite directions, the Fu Dogs and Hairy Crabs. The Fu Dogs started the season dismally while the Crabs started red hot. However, since the loss of Mark Cobbet the Crabs have struggled to replace his scoring pop. Crabs GM ... More