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Hockey Hands & Adoption Resources China – Fundraiser – Saturday, May 28th!

冰球手牵手和ARC: 明天请帮助我们帮助孤儿 Hockey Hands and ARC: tomorrow, please help us help the orphans. We invite you to join us and support a new charity initiative that includes partners Adoption Resources China (ARC) and SHC Hockey Hands (HH) and is supported by the Rooftop Ruckus and Daga ... More

Summer League Kicks Off

As you may have guessed from the general lack of updates after Finals Night, the SHC was busy getting just utterly toasted over the last few weeks. The Champion Ice Cocks (B Div) and Bulldogs (A Div) had especially long benders, and we still haven't heard from Cocks Captain Barry Duke after he was last seen belting out 'We ... More