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SHC Registration is Open! 上海冰球俱乐部球员登记现已开放

Register for the Shanghai Hockey Club's 2016-2017 Winter Season now! 上海冰球俱乐部2016-2017赛季球员登记正式开始! REGISTER HERE  OR go to www.ShanghaiHockeyClub.com More


Hey there, Puckheads! Due to low attendance during the summer months we are suspending TUESDAY SHINNIES until further notice. In the interim, we will run Monday night's 8:15 "fast n' loose puck" and Thursday night's 9:30 "filthy mongrel puck." Regardless of which ice you prefer (Mondays for the competitive asshats, ... More

SHC Exec Committee Elected – Immediately Regrets Life Decisions

Good news, puck heads! The votes are in and your new exec team has finally emerged from the dark crevices of Shanghai’s festering butthole. The sorry lot met up at The Camel Bar™ recently to discuss some ‘squad goals’ for next year. Though there were many high-priority items on the agenda, the majority of the time ... More