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SHC Draft Party Notice (Multiple Languages)

派对狂欢你们准备好了吗! 女士们先生们, 从商店里抓上一件衣服掸掉灰尘,今年最大的狂欢派对就要来临了。 上海冰球俱乐部年度派对将在9月3日盛大开展。带上你的铁哥们或老婆,女朋友或男朋友,或“特殊朋友”又或者不管是谁... More


Dearest SHC Veterans & Noobies... and especially Newbies, NEW TO THE SHC? Then you need to come out for an Evaluation Skate before the September 3rd draft. The Evaluation Skate dates and times are as follows: A Division Eval Skate - Monday, August 29th at 8:15 at Feiyang Ice Rink B Division Eval Skate - ... More

Hockey Hands – ARC Charity Event

On August 27th, Hockey Hands is hosting a charity concert at The Pearl Theatre. Come out to support us with the help of some of the brightest artists from Shanghai’s folk music scene. This is our last charity initiative until we start our SHC Hockey Hands program in the fall. At the event, ¥20 from all Mojito's and 15% ... More