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Registration for Winter Open


Quest for the Shangley Cup begins October 12th


We Got Healthcare?!?

What is this, Canada??? No. Not exactly, boys. BUT, we did land a sponsorship from The Clinic, which is pretty sweet! The Clinic has been supporting other sports clubs around Shanghai for quite a long while now and are now officially providing our members with some pretty sweet deals. Here's the gist for all you old ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 1 of Playoffs

Week 1 of Playoffs It has been a tough couple of weeks for the hockey world. After losing 16 Humboldt Broncos, the SHC lost Northmen forward number 83, Cameron Mcbain Bonspiel. He was a good team mate, friend, and locker room buddy to not just the boys in blue, but to everyone in SHC who knew him. He was truly a ... More

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Bejing has one so why shouldn't we. If you're feeling generous, toss the BJ legends a follow here: More importantly, sauce the Beauties of Shanghai a follow for your fix of the best-looking people in Shanghai. More