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SHC Extra: Season Primer

Here we go again, Folks! Playoffs Recap Last season we spent the whole year down at ol’ Feiyang reporting on the game action as it unfolded, and there were a few doozies – that goes without saying. But the road to the 2017 Shangley Cup? I don’t think we here at the offices of the SHC have ever seen anything q... More

SHC Extra: “Da Beer League Beauty” Awards

Well folks, It's that time of year again! Yep, you guessed it - time to reveal your favourite beer league legends who will be takin' home the hardware for this year's annual "Da Beer League Beauty Awards". You see, every year we try our best to keep track of the half-in-the-bag madness that transpires down at fantastic ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 16

OH. MY. GAWD. FOLKS. We like, totes made it to week 16. And it's like, even though my parents are being total losers right now and literally grounded me for what happened last weekend. It was so totes worth it. Pictured Above: Most definitely not the dvd cover of a plotless, 17-minute-long movie that ends in a ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 15

Holy Schmokes, Folks! It goes without saying that we're a bit late this week down here at the offices of the SHC. However, it should be noted that March is one HELL of a month to be a teacher in China... "It's times like these you either laugh... or wrap your lips around the business end of a shotgun" But enough ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 14

Week 14 Well dress me up and call me Finnegan, folks! Every once in a while we here at the SHC miss a big story or two. And you know what? Most of the time it's just some random tidbit of semi-interesting gossip involving Sneaky Pete Helenius and the Feiyang figure skating coaches. We didn't say anything about female ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 13

Well Folks, I know it's gonna sound a bit hard to believe, but the amount of ill-fated omens that transpired down at Ol' Unfortunate Feiyang during week 13 action was just uncanny. We had roaming packs of black alley cats in the visitor's locker room; a mysterious case of incurable super-athlete's foot that somehow ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 12

Editor's Corner Well folks, it's high time I made an apology, Most times before sending an article to the press, we here at the SHC consider all the unintended consequences our reporting might have on our beloved SHC community. Unfortunately for us, we didn't really think 'week 11' through. You see, after last week's ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 11

Welcome back, Folks! (about time, amirite!?) We've been out of action for what seems like an eternity, but our legions of lovelorn fans came out in droves to watch the SHC resume play this past weekend down at feisty Ol' Feiyang. Reports from around the community suggest that the revamped surge in game attendance ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 10 and Pond Hockey Tourney

WEEK 10 Well, folks, this past week has been packed – just packed – with SHC action. We had the Annual Beijing Pond Hockey tournament, AND a full slate of games on the docket. Just to give you an idea of just how much puck has been going on, the switchboard in Barry Roe’s guest bathroom has lit up so many ... More

SHC Extra: The Great Wall of Hockey

“Sauce it over the rock, ya friggen’ beaut!” When you’re a kid growing up playing hockey – and it doesn’t matter where – there are a precious few moments you just know will stay with you for the rest of your life. For most of us, those moments happen when we’re young – kids really. It could’ve been ... More