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SHC Extra: The Shangley Cup Finals 2018

The Shangley Cup Finals Sweet Songjiang Showdown, folks! What a party. After both the A and B league boss battles were fought and the factory dust had settled, two teams emerged from the carcinogenic wreckage as champions of the 2017-2018 season. We had a great turnout for our grand finale and nobody – save for ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 20 (End of the Line!)

Week 20 Whatta Fantastic Finish, Folks! The end of the regular season crept up on us slower than that identically dressed Chinese couple that always seems to be taking up the entire goddam sidewalk whenever you're in a hurry. But now that it’s all wrapped up, it all seemed faster than that Aiyi with sharp elbows ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 19

Week 19 Tender Love and Gang Violence, Folks! Week 19 action lit up our switchboards like a Christmas tree with all the hardcore hockey action taking place down at ol’ Feiyang. "Hard to tell if it's a Christmas tree when there's no colour, lolz!" "This is why you're single, Christina." But interestingly, not ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 18

Week 18 Dang-Nangit, folks! Week 18 hit us harder than a semi-trailer full of the SHC’s next beer delivery! It had everything – great goals, solid playoff position battles, and even some rough stuff for the sadists out in the crowd. Not too many people know about Billy Shortbus' secret fancies, rest assured, ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 17 (Paternity Results are in!)

Week 17 (and some of 14, I suppose) Holy Guacamole, folks! Beer league action was the talk of the town again this past week as the Blue franchise in BOTH divisions decided to light it up and go undefeated two nights in a row! Some say it was luck, others say it was the fact that we ran out of beer and everybody was ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 16

Week 16 (and some of 13, I guess?) We’re still alive, Folks! Back from the dead – perhaps – but alive nonetheless. You see, sometime shortly after we posted our Tinder article on January 11th (about 20 minutes after, to be exact) our website crashed. We sifted through the ashes and we didn't recover much, but we ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 9 & 10 (SHC Does Tinder)

December roundup (Editor's Note: After the site crashed we lost most of this article, so much of what you read below is incomplete or half baked - C'est La Vie!) Sweet Tinder Tuesday, folks! Let’s just begin with an apology – you see, usually things run like a well-oiled machine down here at the offices of the ... More

SHC Extra: Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas! Ho HO HOOOO, Folks! Well, it's that time of year again. Ah yes, that magical time when your VPN stops working before you can Skype the family back home, your rough-and-tumble heater unit decides to go on the fritz, and your passive aggressive wife makes you feel as though it's all your goddam fault: ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 8 (Auspicious AND Nutritious!)

Week 8 Well hållo there, folks! It looks like another chapter in SHC history is in the books. With gameplay being spread out across the past few weeks more sporadically than Barry 'Roegain' Roe's hairline, it's been hard to keep track of all the action, admittedly.   Goddamit, Shane! There is NOTHING ... More

SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 6 & 7 (A Twofer, Ya Beaut!)

Week 6 & 7 Ho Jesus, folks! It looks like the wonderful wizard of Feiy-OZ waved his magical appendage in the SHC's direction yet again, resulting in some last-minute cancellations and sporadic action over the past two weeks. Actually, rumour has it that when the infamously stacked SKA squad came to town last week, ... More