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SHC Exec Committee Elected – Immediately Regrets Life Decisions

Good news, puck heads! The votes are in and your new exec team has finally emerged from the dark crevices of Shanghai’s festering butthole. The sorry lot met up at The Camel Bar™ recently to discuss some ‘squad goals’ for next year. Though there were many high-priority items on the agenda, the majority of the time ... More

SHC Golfin’ Derb

SHC's Famous Summer Golf Tournament is Here! This summer, June 18th, the SHC is having its annual golf tournament in Shanghai. If you like playing golf, drinking, and solid after-parties, then this is the event for you. We’re going to start at Camel for some breakfast, drinks, and maybe a couple of dirty stories from ... More


To All Members, The SHC is now accepting nominations for those wishing to join the SHC Executive Board for the 2016-2017 Season. If you, or someone you know, would like to run for a position on the Exec, please inform Matt Whately by Sunday, June 5, at 12pm. The Exec consists of 7 members. There are 6 available ... More

Summer League Kicks Off

As you may have guessed from the general lack of updates after Finals Night, the SHC was busy getting just utterly toasted over the last few weeks. The Champion Ice Cocks (B Div) and Bulldogs (A Div) had especially long benders, and we still haven't heard from Cocks Captain Barry Duke after he was last seen belting out 'We ... More

Week 21 Summary – 第二十一周总结

The first of 2 heavyweight semi-final A division battles featured the offensive juggernaut Fog Devils, led by regular season 20 goal scorer Isaac McKitrick and the shutdown defensive Paper Tigers led by their captain J. P. Grimard. Both teams exchanged chances early and often but it was the 17 year old Johnny 'Eh' also ... More

SHC Kicks-Off Winter Season

The SHC launched into its 11th season with a new format, new enthusiasm and new excitement! All 6 Franchises took to the ice last Friday and Saturday nights with each one dispatching an A and a B team. Friday’s White vs. Yellow series got the weekend off to a rocking start with White's Paper Tigers and APL sweeping the ... More