SHC Weekly Roundup: Week 1 of Playoffs

Week 1 of Playoffs

It has been a tough couple of weeks for the hockey world. After losing 16 Humboldt Broncos, the SHC lost Northmen forward number 83, Cameron Mcbain Bonspiel. He was a good team mate, friend, and locker room buddy to not just the boys in blue, but to everyone in SHC who knew him.

He was truly a great guy and we miss him dearly. The SHC sends our love to his family during this difficult time. Every game last weekend and during the finals weekend will honor Cameron with a moment of silence.


Wildcard B 13th Fingertraps 4 vs Lions 2

Bill Longstreet couldn’t be reached for comment on this game, so here’s what probably happened:

Goal: Angel
Goal: Angel
Goal: Angel
Goal: Joel

The FingerTraps finally gave Tim Cocchi something to smile about. Angel took home the hatty with the help of Justin Cai. Waterslide Joel definitely chipped in a snipe of his own from the point. Maybe some other things happened too, but we can’t confirm.

Wildcard A Terracotta Scorriors 3 vs Beardogs 0

Despite only showing up to 3 games all season, Taggart Thomson got the GWG in this game. He put the Scorriors up 1 in the first and then talked about his goal for the next 3 days. The difference in the game had to be the Beardogs missing their midseason pickups: Kita and Joseph Bartleby the Third, but the Scorriors having theirs: Le Guillaumé, who posted a respectable 0 goals and 0 assists.

The game was tight right up until the end but 8-time Shangley winner Tyler Perro and 0-time Shangley winner Aaron Liu added insurance goals. The goalies hung tough in net and the Scorriors recorded an incredibly improbable shutout.

Late in the 3rd a kerfuffle occurred and big German Simon Stoeltze took the worse end of it. It is possible that he clipped himself or was victim of a possible hate crime, but we can’t be certain. The injury proved costly as he was unable to play in the semifinals.

(gross picture)

Semifinal B1 Northmen 1 vs Capitalists 0

Friday night’s matchup between the caps and the men of the North was a battle for B league ages. The Caps and North were both equally fired up that night with Cameron Bonspiel in mind. The sub story of the evening was the Olympic class ice conditions that allowed for the precision type passing we have come accustomed to in beer league hockey. The two teams fought back and forth and remained scoreless throughout regulation time.

A few minutes into overtime a scramble to the caps net led to bodies falling, sticks breaking, utter madness in front of the goal. The result was a flying puck 10 feet in the air that ended up in the glove of none other than Shama Johnny Drama Niet I don’t know your mama lama ding dong.

(video footage of Shama’s maneuver)

He calmly dropped it down to his skate, kicked to his stick then hit nothing but net for the win. The players skated right from the handshake directly onto the bus, after this 40 minute game, because apparently Shanghai doesnt allow traffic after 1 am. What Shenme Yisi BLYAD!

This game was special to both sides and reminded us of how truly privileged we all are for our health and the chance to lace up each and every night. You never know when it could be your last skate. Both teams played with class and played for 83’s honour. R.I.P Cam.

Blue secured their spot to play Jason Texas Lone Star Mckelvey’s Puckhounds in Saturday’s SHC B division championship.

Semifinal A1 Dirty Blues 6 vs Fog Devils 2

Game Report Courtesy of Drunk Jan

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Dirty Blues Cinderella story continues as they are playing their best hockey of the season. Jan Velich, Czrech countryman, was heard after the game saying, “I draft the aaa team for da playoffs, this is big win babbbyyyyy!” The Foggy Ds Patrik Ruiz was kept off the scoresheet. Foggy Ds tallied two goals, one softie through the legs of rusty Bed Springs Brett Syer. And Ryan Harrison pinched in a tapped in another. That was it for the Fog Ds.

Patrik Ruiz and Freddy Nyquist traded penalties throughout the game. The ever clean Hanz, got his stick into Curtis Good’s face, which drew blood, although, Hanz complained, “a penalty for lifting the stick?”

The DBs had goals from 5 different players, Janzy brought one in from behind the net, smashing one in, Shark Nagel had a snipe from a crossing pass inside the circle, Dirty Curty had a tip from a Kevin Over the Hill’s point shot, the wily veteran stepping back to defense for their playoff push.

Walter Nash had his first goal of the season, with a clapper from the top of the circle which beat a dozing Brett Syer. Hmm seemed like he was dreaming of phantom blocker punches, looks like Walter had the last laugh. Insert joke about 300,000 followers*

All in all, the Dirty Blues pummeled the Fog Devils 6-2. Look out, Vikings!

Semifinal A2 Shanghai Vikings 5 vs Terracotta Scorriors 2

Game Report Courtesy of Drunk Yofa

First period the Vikings didn’t play as their usual self.

Yofa got the first goal early on but the Scorriors came back with 2 quick ones.

Second period the blue machine started to come back.

Clawing back into the game with unanswered goals by; Ritch , Martin & ? which put the Vikings in front.

Last goal open net by Ritch.

Final next week baby….

(Yofa after cranking out that detailed summary)

Semifinal B2 Puckhounds 3 vs Fingertraps 1

The Fingercraps, sorry, Traps were off to a flying start. After being pushed to the brink, they decided to bring down the Berlin wall (Karl), who up until this point had shut them out completely, by crashing into him and being awarded a goal for it in the process.

The faces of the valiant Hounds turned ashen and it seemed that they would suffer a humiliating defeat as their goaltender was led off the ice with a smarting groin. Scouring the area for a replacement, they found help in the unlikely net minder Aaron “Aa Legend” Liu, who much like a Phoenix made the hounds rise from the ashes.

Minding the net for his very first time, with a style less orthodox than Hašek and gymnast-like athleticism, he almost managed a complete shut-out, including denying Angel her regular fare on two breakaways.

From there the Hounds did not look back. Paul “crème de la” Karam equalized within seconds of the play starting again with footwork and stickhandling that no Trap could touch. David Dunk fired off a shot that would have pushed the goaltender at the other end into the net (had he been able to touch it), and just like that it was 2-1 and the re-birth of the Hounds was complete.

The Hounds kept the barely 20-year-old penalty box operators occupied, with captain McKelvey being the most frequent visitor. He made up for it by becoming the only person ever to score against “Aa Legend” by a hair’s width and managing an assist for the both other PH goals. Cementing the Puckhound victory and the final score 3-1.

Despite half-hearted attempts and trademarked stick-grabbing from Longstreet, the Fingertraps had been sprung and they did not manage to touch the born-again hounds.

Join us this weekend for the climax!

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