SHC Summer League Week 2

Well folks it has been over a week since our last update from down here at the SHC offices down here at Feiyang, we sincerely apologize for our late post. It has been a busy time for much of us as it is the end of the school year. A recent study showed that 45% of SHC members are teachers or work in education. A further investigative social science study conducted by John Hopkins University Yunlian lu and Liuhe lu Campus revealed that as many as 20% to 35% more SHC members who claimed to be non-teachers do in fact earn their Kuai teaching English. However, enough about that we all know everyone is busy this time of year, but Hockey in Shanghai does not stop. So let’s get to it.

Week 2

Friday night

First game Friday night saw Sasquatch take on The Fire. Despite all their furry beauts, they were unable to match the the young legs of Sky “Monkey King” Hou and the new incoming old timer John Kelly. After the game we caught up with the Sasquatch Captain Ian “Hannah” Montana on their loss to The Fire. We asked how they would battle back next week. He just said, “Next time, let the Wookie win”.

In game 2 we saw the undefeated caps take on the still undefeated fire.  Prior to the game we asked coach/captain Robert “Drago” Leiske about how he would handle the finesse and sniping prowess of star Caps defensemen Shane “the Pain” Anderson. His response:

Sky Hou scored 1 which was quickly met by a tying goal from the Ice Caps by S.A. The game was super tight, no joke to follow that sentence. However, the Fire finished them off with a game winner from occasional hockey player, but legend none the less Mike Goffman.  Mike Goffman came out of hockey retirement and has since been circling players with his speed and embarrassing defensemen with his deceptive dangling. Welcome back to the SHC bud!

Sunday night

Caroline Hurricanes with two games lined up. The first one against Ben’s Great Yellow Beavers was a high scoring game, or as they say on the east side of the Huangpu, it was a real barn burner. Somebody get that hot water to put out those flames. Both teams enjoyed goals from their respective A players, whilst hoping for the B guys/gals to hold down as best they could. While Nagel “the Bagel” Superman did his part to carry the beavers to their first victory, the beaves still came up short. With a final second pass from Angel Huang to Sanders who then fired one in the net, smashing the symbolic beaver dam they had worked so hard to build.

In game 2 against the bank we remembered why so many people signed up to ref summer league. We in fact need to put the refs through a rigorous training course testing physical and mental toughness as well as a multi-day fasting trial standing atop the the Jingan Temple in full ref gear on one skate. The final few who are then chose to ref are given the honour of reffing summer league games at 9:30 on a Sunday night. Narator gasps in regret “It should have been me……….” Marco of the Caroline Hurricanes took his typhoon like break out coast to coast leaving defensemen in his rubble as he made short work of the goalie. Hide “the Hidden Ninja” showed that B guys can tear it up as well as he scored the 2nd and finishing goal to retire the Bank for that evening.

Twas a good week in Shanghai hockey. All relatively close games.

A few house keeping items before I make excuses for doing this write up 8 days late.


The league does need refs and we all need to step up. The league will be hosting ref info and training sessions at cages. Please stay tuned. It is not hard, you just need to be fair, know the rules, and stand by what you call. The same guy shouting at you on the ice, is going to tell 20 seconds after the game that he appreciates you coming out to ref,  join me for a beer. Contact your respective captain and let him know you are willing to give it a go. The league will make sure new refs end up reffing with experienced confident guys.


Winter is coming! Believe it or not we are 8 or 9 weeks from the draft. That means we need captains. Guys who want to pick a team they think will be fun and competitive. Guys who want to come up with their own team name or bring back a historic SHC team. Being a captain is not as hard as people think, but it does take some responsibility. Most guys think they don’t know enough about the players in the league to draft a good team. The executive committee makes rankings and works to assist you and every other captain in drafting a strong team making the league as a whole fun and even skilled. We need guys to step up, please contact Liam or any other member of the SHC Executive Committee.


There are many people leaving this year and new faces will come. We at the SHC want stories and history about people that will leave us this year. Speaking of Legends. Huge shout out to Fran Dixon who will be leaving us after 4.5 seasons in this league. To everyone in the league she is a true legend and one of the most fun and cool people to play with and hang with post game. She will be given a deserving legend’s send off this Friday April 28th at Kartel, people will start showing up at 10:30 to 11:00pm. Based on the number of friends and fellow SHC members that have already said they are going, it is sure to be an SHC dominated evening so if you play shinny, are in the league, or just love hockey show up and you will find people you know. We hope to see you there.

Oh and week 4 starts that night so hopefully week 3 will be out before then. Until then, We love Hockey and We love the SHC. “We the East”

Chinese address for Kartel:上海市-静安区-襄阳北路1号5楼

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