Shinny and Learn-to-Play (Pick up Hockey)


Monday Nights (Fast Shinny) 8:15pm

Tuesday Nights (Regular Shinny) 8:15pm

Thursday Nights (Learn-to-Play) 8:30pm, (Regular shinny) 9:45

Regardless of which ice you prefer (Mondays for the competitive players, Tuesdays & Thursdays for people having a good time and learning some fundamentals) you must confirm your attendance with either of the following individuals via wechat:

If you’re interested in Monday ice, contact Kyle Sullivan (Wechat ID: kjs1382)

If you’re interested in Thursday ice, contact Kevin Marteeny Weeny (Wechat ID: kev_in_sha)

These gentlemen take care of the attendance numbers and keep our communications with the rink smooth. So please let either of them know directly if you wish to attend.


Drop in session: 180 RMB

Value Added Card:
As of July 13, 2015 the rink is offering stored value cards for shinny. Cards can be purchased or recharged at the following prices:

1000rmb = 1000RMB value (only for first time purchase)
3000rmb = 3150RMB value
5000rmb = 5400RMB value

Your card will be deducted 120RMB/session. All cards will be valid for one year from the date of purchase. All other forms of payment will be charged at 180RMB/session. For Tuesday night Shinny and Learn-to-Play sessions, however, a cash-only payment of 150 yuan can be made to the Kevin, or any other league exec on the ground. This is because the SHC runs and organizes the Tuesday night shinny, whereas the rink itself runs Monday and Thursday sessions.

If you have remaining sessions on the old sessions card system it can be used until finished. Any stored value cards that were purchased before today will also be charged at 120/session from now on.

Shinny sessions are still running on the same schedule at the moment but once a new schedule is released you will be notified.