Summer Championship Weekend

Summer is quickly coming to an end and we are down to the final four teams. This Friday we will kick off the semi-finals with a showdown between the Fire and the Bank who refuse to die and they have established themselves as perennial summer playoff contenders. Lead by captain Bill the Fire will try to hold them off and try to show everyone that they truly were the top summer team. However, let’s be honest. Bill is just a puppet captain, behind Rob “the Rogue” Leiske.
In the second semi-final game we have The Great Yellow Beavers lead by captain and coach Benjamin Montgomery Abigail Willingston who will take on Sander Fitzgerald Amanda Vermeulen and his Caroline Hurricanes. Beavers super star Nagel will most certainly not be absent travelling the U.S on business for this game so the Hurricanes will need to shut him down. If by the off chance he were to miss the game, Beavers forward Sheldon Clarence Matilda Hunt has said he is willing to step up and fill the role missed by Nagel. “All you need to do is skate around 5 people and score backhanded at an almost zero angle, and repeat 9 times and we should have a 9 goal lead”. So he is going to do that.
Saturday August 31st is where it is at!!!! Two teams will emerge victorious on Friday and reserve the right to play this Saturday night in the Championship game. Two teams competing for the right to raise the glorious Shangley Challace. Bottle night, so come on out and watch. The puck drops at 9:30pm at Feiyang arena so come on out and support summer hockey. We guarantee you lots of goals, fast plays, and plenty of innocent players coming in and out of the box.

If we don’t see you there, we hope to see you at Cages September 7th for the Winter Draft party. If you haven’t signed up for winter league yet, please do it at before 8pm Wednesday August 28th . Don’t forget to pay 3800RMB to the SHC execs and 250 RMB for the draft party you jabronis. See you soon!

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