Summer League Week 1

After a year long break the SHC newsletter is back up and running. Before we get to the dirty dirty of the first week of the SHC summer league we have a few housekeeping items to announce. Congratulations to the Ice Hogs for their historic season which ended in a Shangley victory. Both teams played with vigour and purpose. Not to mention both captains dedication to drafting with planning and prowess. To no surprise the Vikings finished the A league with their second Shangley in a row. Coach/Captain Yofa Natour is quickly becoming a China hockey legend with his numerous Shangleys and endless tournament victories whilst representing Shanghai in Thailand, Beijing, and probably one more I forgot. Does he ever get tired of winning? All in all SHC hockey was competitive and fun, despite a few ups and downs. What a great season! Certainly none of us have said that about GOT in the last 3 years! Moving on.

Leaving the exec team we say goodbye to Tagmeister for his hard work and dedication with the refs. Many a hockey folk take the piss out on Taggart, but he truly did his part on the exec. Each and every week he was hounding teams and chasing guys to get people out on the ice reffing. We love playing hockey, but nobody wants to ref. Thank you to Taggart and all the guys who stepped up each week reffing all season. The league needs more of that.

Stepping up in his place is the newest member of the exec team Liam Austin. This guy needs no introduction. He’s me! Well done Liam on winning a fair and non-influenced election. If you put the time into the exec that you put into your drafts all the men, women, and non-binary people of the SHC will all be winners. We look forward to your hard work.

In such an international city so many people come and go. We lose legends every year and gain more future SHC characters with each new season. If the 2018/2019 winter season was your last or you are playing for half the summer please contact Liam on the exec. We want to know your SHC story. There will be a send off in one of the upcoming news releases. Enough housekeeping lets getting down to hockey

Friday night featured two games. The Ice caps lead by Cason “the Stone Mason” Lee had a double header against Ben “is the rink on line ten?” Willingston’s Great Yellow Beavors. The second against Sander’s Caroline Hurricanes. Game recap:

After the start of the game, Center led by Hans and Hide form ICE CAPS team, first entered the stage and grasped the initiative on the ice. Soon Greg”Peter Pan” LI scored a goal from the goalkeeper’s gap after receiving a pass from winger Tetsu Kitahara, the score came to 1:0. Great Yellow Beavers were distracted by the situation. In the 1st period, there were many people the captain BEN was fined for two minutes. Soon after the game came to the 2nd period, Beavers was twice foul for tripping people and many people for two minutes, which was obviously unfavorable to Beavers. Soon center Hans received a pass from powerful defender Shane and were sensing a score but before finish. The final score was 2:0.

In the second game the ICE CAPS then faced the Caroline Hurricanes team led by Matt. Caroline’s team is coming fiercely. The game just went to 1min34sec in the 1st period when a goal was scored, 0:1. CAPS obviously could not tolerate this situation. They immediately organized a counter-attack. Hans and Sam penetrated Caroline’s goal several times, and the score reached 7:1. Caroline moved back one point towards the end of the game, and the final 7:2 ICE CAPS brought the second victory.

Sunday game recap:

Sunday’s games saw a tough double header for Matt “Monopoly Man” Whately and his bank. In the first game they lost to the fire coached by Rob in Xujia hui. When interviewed after the game about how he attained victory he replied. “They call me Rob in Xujiahui, not Rob in Xujia buhui”……………………………….

In the second game  the bank saw even more market pressure on their assets. Sasquatch scored three goals all coming from a guy named Barry in the first period. He had help from Tibbers “the talk of the town” Bao on one of them. The second period was all The Bank as they scored three unanswered to tie it up and send us to overtime. In overtime the Sasquatch won on a breakaway goal by Jeff “Ric Flair woooo!” Goldstein who moments before was begging for someone to replace from the bench, but we knew he wasn’t done yet.

That is all she wrote folks. We will see you next week with our latest news updates and game scores. Please stay tuned to the website for your chance to vote on player of the week. Also please feel free to contact the SHC for suggestions or concerns about the news. We want to hear your SHC stories. We also want to make the newsletter fun, but let it remain a safe space. If you have apprehensions about how you may be written about please contact us. If you have suggestions for your own nickname or portrayal please send em on down. We look forward to continuing to keep all up to date with what is going on in the best league in the world. We love hockey and we love the SHC. “We the East”

See you next week

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