We Got Healthcare?!?

What is this, Canada???

No. Not exactly, boys. BUT, we did land a sponsorship from The Clinic, which is pretty sweet! The Clinic has been supporting other sports clubs around Shanghai for quite a long while now and are now officially providing our members with some pretty sweet deals.

Here’s the gist for all you old warhorses out there whose companies don’t provide full coverage for physio/rehab, OR for all you young guns in the rank and file whose companies don’t have any insurance at all:

Got Hurt? No Coverage?

  1. We’ll get a “sponsorship price” for members who don’t have any insurance at all.
  2. We’ll get packages for X-rays, MRIs, and injury management.
Got Hurt? Already Have Coverage? Just not for all the extra stuff?
  1. Usually the clinic charges 1800-1500 per session for various physiotherapy consultations.
  2. Our members’ cost per session will be limited to 600-900.
  3. Packages for injury management can be made available after consult with The Clinic staff.

Please see the PDF posted to the site under our “sponsors” tab for more information regarding contact information and available services. Or, extract the QR code from this image:

“A’m Clhlfht Lhp Khyhle, an I ahppove thith mttlhage”


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